Kaima Tanzania News BETHEL-KAIMA ICT HUB (e-Agriculture) meeting

BETHEL-KAIMA ICT HUB (e-Agriculture) meeting

BETHEL-KAIMA ICT HUB (e-Agriculture) meeting. We are invited by Tanzania Local Entreprise Development (TLED) Office at Nyakato Mwanza Tanzania to discuss together about the development of the Hub

5 thoughts on “BETHEL-KAIMA ICT HUB (e-Agriculture) meeting”

  1. It was amazing meeting with our partners Global affairs and KAIMA tanzania appreciation to Mr Fabian and Lubango together with the whole team

    1. Josh says:

      Thanks Mr Anectus!

      1. Anectus Sixbert says:

        ok thanks very much

  2. Fabian says:

    All the best…go Bethel-Kaima

    1. Anectus Sixbert says:

      Together we move far away

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