In spite of the economic growth Tanzania has experienced during the last five years, the country is still contending with the interconnected challenges of youth unemployment and youth poverty. Recognizing that agriculture is the industry with the strongest potential to employ the largest number of people in Tanzania, efforts are underway to encourage its young generation to consider agriculture as a viable an attractive source of employment.

Established in 2017, NGO Kaima Tanzania is committed to promoting and supporting the serious participation of young people, ages 14-25, in sustainable agriculture as a way to help reduce youth unemployment and poverty in Tanzania.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help create a society in which young people and their communities are empowered with the capacity and skills to increase agricultural productivity, which in turn will contribute to a reduction in youth unemployment and poverty

Our Mission

Emphasizing sustainability over subsistence, our mission is to promote and support the participation of young people and entire communities in climate-smart agricultural activities to empower them as the most important players in defining and realizing their economic opportunities

Our Roots

The name Kaima, meaning sustainability in Aramaic, is borrowed from Amutat Kaima, an Israeli NGO that seeks to enjoin society’s dual responsibility of caring for the environment and changing the downward trajectory of the lives of young people falling off the educational grid at alarming rates. Using nature’s outdoor classroom – the farm – Kaima’s “employment as education” model (youth earn a living for their work on the farm) empowers young people as they learn critical life skills to help usher them into adulthood as productive individuals. Having studied a number of local and international government and non-government models, our founders determined that Kaima’s unique approach, whereby all profits realized from the farm’s social business are reinvested into the educational enterprise, speaks directly to our philosophy of emphasizing sustainability over subsistence. Kaima Tanzania is in the process of adapting the model for our specific use given our particular vision, demographics and needs. We are the fifth and youngest farm in this growing network. Inspired by the success of our Israel partners and sister farms, our own founders have expanded upon the concept. Kaima – or “Knowledge and Agricultural Innovation Management Action” – will drive our efforts to help empower the young people of rural Tanzania to take pride in agricultural work and understand the enormous potential for economic success and personal pride to be derived from establishing and running their own farms. Kaima Tanzania is headquartered in Mwanza, Tanzania and is registered under section 12(2) of the Non-Governmental Organizations Act No.24 of 2002, with a registration number 00NGO/00009429.